Do I eat too many pies and chips to be a distance runner?

We all have a guilty pleasure… pies, pints, cake (mmm, cake)… but are the good things in life not so good for your running? Our panel of experts give us some food for thought.

  • Get natural You don’t have to be a saint but try and maintain a normal, balanced diet – think real unprocessed food, not fads. Debbie Martin-Constani

  • Moderation Everything in moderation is a pretty good principle. I often stop for a proper pub meal halfway through on long training runs. Javed Bhatti

  • Balance I’ve found you get out what you put in and taking care of your body with a balanced diet may give you much better results. Jayson Cavill

  • Fuel Up Fuel in the tank is the key to ultra-running so you need to make sure you have sufficient fuel for your runs. There’s nothing wrong with pie and chips, provided it’s not every night. Jayson Cavill

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