Life is an adventure

Runner, adventurer and blogger Sophie Radcliffe is featured in the August/September edition of Trail Running (out now). Here she gives her five steps to finding local trails for your next great adventure.

Radcliffe, whose long list of endurance accomplishments includes covering 1700km on a bike, 151km on foot and 45,500m ascent over 32 days through Slovenia, Austria, Germany, Litchenstein, Switzerland, Italy, France and Monaco, says: "You don’t need to get on an aeroplane, spend a lot of money or have a huge amount of time to create an adventure for yourself. Sometimes the most memorable adventures are the ones closest to home; the ones that we create somewhat spontaneously, that give us a chance to press pause on life and do what we love. These are what I call ‘soul-food adventures."

Finding local trails


Look for epic hiking trails and devise a plan to run them. Whatever inspires you; mountains, hills, coast or lakes – start there.


Easy access to parking or public transport is helpful.


 When planning a wild camp, find somewhere that isn’t too busy. Plan to set up camp late and to leave early. 


 Check out trail running events – you don’t need to sign up for the event, but you can use them as inspiration to plan your own trail running adventure.


Wild camping is great fun, but if it’s not your thing, you can have an amazing trail running adventure by staying in a nearby airbnb or hostel too.