BAM Long Sleeve Base Layer - women's

The base layer in hyacinth

The base layer in hyacinth

Price £35

Tested by Julie brown

I've worn this top A LOT over many months and I love it. It's easy to wear with a real softness about it. It fitted well and proved very breathable, wicking sweat away in an instance - and I had a fair few sweaty runs where the weather was a bit more on the balmy side than I'd expected. I've worn it on its own  (it offers UV protection, which is a bonus) and also layered on chillier days, and it performed well in both situations. Although I don't have sensitive skin, this top is hypoallergenic so if you do, then it's worth investing. Thumb loops helped out on the colder days when I'd been stupid enough to think I didn't need gloves. 

I have washed this shirt loads of times and so far it still looks as good as new, so, for £35 this is a definite yes from me. 

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