Why white shoes are the right shoes

Saucony is launching its Life on the Run: White Noise Collection

White on: The women's version of the Saucony Freedom

White on: The women's version of the Saucony Freedom

The new range takes inspiration from the mind-clearing effects of a good run and celebrates the way exercise, and running specifically, can help you break through the stresses and strains of modern life and help regain emotional and psychological balance.

The White Noise collection spans the most popular styles in the Saucony technical line. Every model is packed with the same running shoe technology as the regular models, including Saucony’s exclusive EVERUN midsole - providing continuous cushioning from the start to the end of the run.

Leading the line is the new Ride ISO, Saucony’s best-selling running shoe, which for the rst time includes the ISOFIT upper technology previously only utilised in top-end models. ISOFIT wraps around the foot ensuring great t as the laces are pulled, whatever your foot shape.

The line also features the brand’s latest development, FORMFIT, which reduces pressure on the foot every time it hits the ground. FORMFIT is three adaptable layers of foam which cradle the foot whilst putting the topsole cushioning as close to the foot as possible for maximum pressure dispersion.

Dr Ben Martynoga, a British Neuroscientist, explains that the feeling of escape from running is one proven from research rather than simply from anecdotes from millions of runners around the world.

He says: “New studies present clear evidence that aerobic exercise such as running can trigger heightened activity within parts of the brain responsible for our ability to pay attention, to get away from distractions, to give us clarity of mind and to help us get out of the noise of daily life.”

You can listen to Ben’s podcast on the White Noise collection here: https://soundcloud.com/user-684133358/saucony-white-noise- the-connection-between-running-and-the-brain/s-KXs7D

The Life on the Run White Noise collection consists of eight styles, including the award-winning Triumph ISO, Hurricane ISO, Guide ISO and Kinvara 9.

The line is available from selected retailers around the UK and is priced from (£100 - £140).