price: £90
weight: 260g

This inclusion comes with a caveat: you’ll need to already run with a forefoot strike to appreciate them. Don’t know what that means? Move on to the next shoe. But if you’re a barefoot-esque runner, these vegan-made off-road runners are designed for firm-ground and ensure a smooth ride on both road surfaces and trails. An ultra-thin but puncture-resistant sole allows your feet to feel the ground as you move, and a lightweight grip is indiscernible on road but keeps you moving at speed when the terrain gets slick. If you’re comfortable with minimal shoes – these have a 0mm drop – they’re ideal for moving between surfaces seamlessly.


A tough, durable barefoot shoe, at home on slippy trails and dry paths.

Grip: 6/10
Cushioning: 2/10
Precision: 9/10