price: £130
weight: 225g

Let’s not beat around the bush – that’s one hell of a sole. Inspired by Fat Bike oversized tires, the outsole is filled with Charged Foam from heel to toe, designed to recycle energy from your foot strike and power you forward. This makes the shoe fairly heavy and less responsive than minimalist options, but when you round a corner onto a clear stretch of trail, the Michelin-created sole clicks into fifth gear. Grippy lugs peppering the underside kept the Fat Tire moving smoothly in poor conditions, on and off-road, which included soggy long-grass and hard-packed trails. The 9mm drop is comfortable to run in and feels considerably less than that.


Very comfortable over long distances, and not too shabby to look at either.

Grip: 8/10
Cushioning: 9/10
Precision: 6/10