Saucony Peregrine ISO


304g (UK 8) £109.99

We couldn’t imagine wanting any more grip this summer than that which is provided by the peregrine iso. The Powertrac outsole provides exemplary traction on whatever surface you care to tread on, and its flexible nature resists rolling of the foot, possibly even helping to prevent ankle injuries out on the trails. Although not the lightest shoe here, these are certainly some of the best vented, with our feet feeling comfortable and dry throughout. Cushioning is right up there with the best, too. Their 4mm offset will suit those with upping the pace in mind, and those runner with well- conditioned feet.

Verdict: Traction- packed and very breathable

Saucony Xodus Iso 3

Screen Shot 2019-01-02 at 2.58.54 PM.png

Saucony Xodus Iso 3
366g (men's UK 9) £140

Dare we say it, but these shoes love a bit of road! Don't think they can't cope with mud, though – indeed the reverse is true thanks to the deep-lugged dual compound outsole. And such is the cushioning thanks to Saucony's wonderfully soft Everun technology, it's a shoe that definitely can cope with long stretches of tarmac before you venture off-road. The Xodus is an interesting shoe because it works off a low 4mm drop and does feel responsive and low to the ground, yet that cushioning creates a suitably cushioned response when you drive off. The uppers are soft and flexible thanks to the trail-specific Isofit dynamic upper.

Verdict: For long, lazy days where pace isn't an issue but comfort is.