New Balance Fresh Foam Hierro v4


329g (UK 8.5) 


With an inner sock system negating the need for a tongue, these shoes wrap around the foot and feel secure on the go. New Balance’s Fresh Foam midsole is used on its marathon running shoes; it’s built to go the distance, and we felt we could do so in comfort and with ease with the 8mm drop Hierros on our feet. Cushioning is top-drawer, but the response was there when we needed
it, too. In all, these are a very stable pair of shoes with grip to match anything on these pages. They’re a little on the weighty side if that bothers you, but we can’t find much else to nit-pick at. A fine choice for summer running.


Locked-down fit and exceptional cushioning.


New Balance Minimus 10v1

181g (Men's UK 6.5)

Screen Shot 2018-09-24 at 2.26.08 PM.png

For a minimal shoe, this offers a surprising amount of stability. You won’t get too many shoes that are lower to the ground – working off a 4mm heel drop – but equally you won’t get too many that feel quite so controlled. If you fancy venturing into the barefoot world but fear the consequences, then this is the shoe for you. You’ll enjoy the support and there’s even some cushioning which, given the sandal-like feel, you’ll be amazed by. Of course there are some downsides – yes, they’re breathable and great for canal paths, but don’t take them on rocky Alpine paths or boggy fell runs. 
Verdict: A fabulous entry into the world of barefoot running.