price: £105
weight: 360g

Say one thing for the Kinabalu, it’s up for a challenge. We threw these at hard-packed trails, concrete stair sprints and technical off-road downhill sections, and they came out unscathed. Scott Sports call them ‘the’ versatile trail shoe and, while this test didn’t encompass mountain terrain, they certainly managed to
keep up with our road-to-trail challenge. A steady 11mm drop and cushioned midsole was comfy enough for sections of tarmac, while the natural rocking shape of the shoe – Scott’s eRide system – felt natural on both surfaces. The tread looks a bit minimal for any real off-roading but, for our purposes, they served well.

best value

A tough shoe that was comfortable on all surfaces but firm enough for speed.

Grip: 6/10
Cushioning: 9/10
Precision: 7/10