PRICE: £95
WEIGHT: 272g

Kudos to Scott Sports’ design team: their brightly coloured shoes look like they’ve been pulled straight out of a Marvel comic. The wasp-coloured Kinabalu RC sits midway between the other two shoes here in terms of cushioning, and it feels like the perfect amount: responsive not spongey, with a decent trail feel and a 5mm drop. Although the sturdy rock plate makes the shoe a little stiff, Scott’s eRide rocker is outstandingly effective at keeping your weight over the midfoot. The result is a lovely ride; I actually had to force myself to run slowly. The grip is pretty good despite the relatively unaggressive tread: the sticky rubber and micro-studs make short work of hardpack and gravel, and will do a fine job on softer stuff. The only minor complaint is the wide, non-gusseted tongue, which can slip about a bit.


Best for TRAIL RACES. Positively fly out of the box. Well designed, intuitive rocker; try and run slowly in them – you can’t!

Grip: 7/10
Cushioning: 6/10
Precision: 8/10