PRICE: £115
WEIGHT: 360g

This is practically bomb-proof, and will certainly protect your foot very well.  A rubber-like casing provides protection from abrasion over almost the entire foot, making it a durable shoe to have; you won’t need to worry about rough ground in these. There’s no Gore-Tex option and it is quite heavy, but if you’re running mainly on harder trails and forestry tracks, then this shoe is superb. The eRide midsole eggs you along the trail, and a wide toe box leaves room for the foot to expand over longer trails. Scott also provides two different insoles for men and women, with the women’s accounting for a smaller forefoot and narrower heel.


Ridiculously comfortable, but can feel heavy when they get wet.

Grip: 7/10
Cushioning: 10/10
Precision: 6/10