Scarpa Neutron 2 shoe review

330g (UK 10.5)

Screen Shot 2018-06-26 at 1.36.50 PM.png

These shoes are comfortable out of the box, with a fairly soft and cushioned ride. The outsole also gives good grip on a range of surfaces with a mix of tread and sticky rubber to give some versatility. That touch of softness to the midsole means that on firmer ground the shoe has a forgiving feel to it. This is matched by an upper that is comfortable and yet secure.

The ride of the midsole having that slightly plush feel to it does mean the responsiveness is slightly compromised as a result. There's a 6mm heel drop, and if you've worn Scarpa before you'll be pleasantly surprised by the softer, more flexible feel of this latest model.

Verdict: 8/10
Soft ride, placing comfort above responsiveness.

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