PRICE: £105
WEIGHT: 280g

With their evolution-honed aerodynamics, Peregrines are made for speed, and the Saucony Peregrine 6 looks to be built in a similar mould. They’re comfy straight out the box, with a well-designed heel cup (for a narrow heel) and decent cushioning, balanced across the shoe due to the 4mm drop.

The ride felt a bit more solid and less responsive at higher speeds than the Scott Sports, despite being a more flexible shoe, and although the wide outsole is beneficial for stability, I did feel it restricted my speed a bit.

The grip is outstanding on grit and hardpack, but struggles in deep mud, where it clogs quickly, especially around the edges of the slightly flared outsole. If that sounds negative, it shouldn’t detract from the Peregrine’s strengths. It’s incredibly comfy and stable, and the mesh allows excellent ventilation.

The Verdict

Best for TRAIL RACES. Super comfy shoe – definitely a go-to pair for training, if not racing. 

Grip: 6/10
Cushioning: 7/10
Precision: 7/10

Screen Shot 2016-12-15 at 16.01.10.png