PRICE: £145

Just because Skyrunning champion Kilian Jornet runs in these, doesn’t mean they’re the perfect shoe. If you’re a strong forefoot runner though, the Sense Ultra will likely suit you down to the ground. They’re very low profile, with firm, minimal cushioning and a 4mm drop. Some may find the ride a bit hard and beginners might not get away with running any great distance in them.

On the flip side, their ‘trail feel’ is fantastic: they’re exceptionally light, nimble and flexible, and the snug fit ensures the shoe clings to your foot, enabling superior precision in foot placement. They might feel too tight at first but they are designed to fit close – you can even go barefooted if you choose to. The grip isn’t really designed for UK conditions (see the Sense Ultra SG); it’s more suited to rocky alpine trails and sunbaked tracks. The toe cap is incredibly robust for its weight, and there’s tons of ventilation.

Screen Shot 2016-12-16 at 10.36.59.png


Best for ULTRA RACES. Fast, futuristic racer, but will divide opinion.

Grip: 5/10
Cushioning: 5/10
Precision: 10/10