PRICE: £110
WEIGHT: 270g

A German brand, Italian design and French rubber: the Salewa MS Lite Train is a bit of a conundrum. Part of Salewa’s ‘Alpine Speed’ concept, (which sounds like a cross between hiking and alpine parkour), it’s technically not even a trail shoe. Marketing aside, it’s lightweight, low profile (6mm drop) and fits like a second skin.

The Salewa 3F Total System hugs the midfoot, locking it in place; the precision of foot placement is outstanding – it’s a very nimble running shoe. The midsole cushioning is minimal: most of the shock absorption seems to come from the plush insole and bouncy outsole. Speaking of which, the Michelin-designed outsole is incredible: it’s constructed like an aggressive mountain bike tyre, the soft rubber compound actually moulding around the terrain. It’s very sticky too – it’s possible to come to a dead stop at full speed – but it isn’t as effective on the soft stuff as on grit and rock.

Screen Shot 2016-12-16 at 11.19.17.png


Best for ALPINE RACES. Not strictly a running shoe, but great fun to run in nonetheless.

Grip: 9/10
Cushioning: 7/10
Precision: 10/10