PRICE: £95
WEIGHT: 300g

Inov-8 Mudclaws have, arguably, the best grip of any running shoe. The aggressive 8mm lugs give great traction in boggy conditions and on steep, wet vegetation, yet they are well spaced so shed mud rather than clogging up. A mix of rubber compounds provides grip on all surfaces. The uppers have a water repellent coating, which prevents them becoming waterlogged and heavy. The fabric is strong and durable, allowing them to withstand the rigours of harsh conditions, such as acidic peat and sharp rocks. The precision fit means that your feet stay in place inside the shoe and I found they stayed nice and snug, even when contouring on steep ground. The 6mm drop means that you feel close enough to the ground to be in control, yet still have enough cushioning for fast running on rocky ground. The latest version of the Mudclaw 300 has an improved heel cup that is less likely to aggravate Achilles tendon problems. I personally used the Mudclaw for fell (hill/mountain) racing this year and it is the shoe of choice for many fell runners. It is also the ideal shoe for grip on muddy Obstacle Race Courses (OCR).



Mudclaws are more suited to muddy, pathless mountain running than trails, and make an excellent shoe for runners tackling serious off-road terrain. 

Grip: 10/10
Cushioning: 7/10
Support: 8/10