PRICE: £110

This is a fascinating shoe in that it is every bit as bulky looking as earlier Hokas, but there’s no weight. It’s a shoe that tries to offer the best of both worlds. There's a nod to natural running, thanks to a 5mm heel to toe drop, combined with a 33mm wedge of cushioning and support. What you will get from this shoe is a light, bouncy ride that will love rock and hard-packed surfaces. Certainly the grip, thanks to the soft, full Vibram outsole with 4mm lugs, is superior to any other Hoka model, although it's not quite enough for a wet, off-path weekend in the mountains.


The grippiest maximal-cushioned shoe around right now, great for ultra long distance trails.

Grip: 7/10
Cushioning: 10/10
Support: 8/10