PRICE: £100
WEIGHT: 260g

Fast becoming a firm favourite with ultra (long distances over a marathon in length) runners, the Hoka’s cushioned platforms and pronounced rocker took a bit of getting used to – indeed, I felt I had to change my running style significantly until I felt I was running naturally. Once I did, the running motion felt quite smooth; they have a 5mm drop, the cushioning is surprisingly firm and responsive, and you do eventually get used to the rocker.

The downside to this platform of EVA foam is that the shoe does feel a little insecure on technical ground and when changing direction quickly (perhaps not a problem on an ultra!). The uppers are pretty damn comfortable: I didn’t detect any rub areas. The grip, however, is pretty ineffective on anything other than hardpack – the EVA pads skate straight over mud.


Best for ULTRA RACES. Best for hard-packed ultra trails without mud if you get on with the ride.

Grip: 4/10
Cushioning: 9/10
Precision: 4/10