Brooks Mazama

PRICE: £105
WEIGHT: 232g

This shoe is super bright and funky, and fits a narrow foot well, wrapping snuggly around it. A solid toe box does well to protect your toes, and the upper materials are made from a tough double-layered mesh, protecting against abrasion. It’s breathable and drains very well. A 6mm drop feels natural on the foot, with understated grip. It’s multi-directional and surprisingly sticky on harder surfaces, gravel and rock, but only 3mm deep, giving limited grip over muddy surfaces and little traction when digging in downhill on soft trails. BioMoGo soles biodegrade after 20-plus years, making them more environmentally friendly.


Fit like a glove, are made to hit the trails fast, but very light for autumn.

Grip: 7/10
Cushioning: 8/10
Precision: 10/10