PRICE: £90
WEIGHT: 266g

You can tell these shoes are built for ploughing through muddy puddles: they even look vaguely amphibious with their neoprene sock liners and scaly mesh. It’s essentially a low-profile racer with its 6mm drop, minimal cushioning and very flexible sole.

Some may find the cushioning a bit hard and unforgiving, but it’s certainly a responsive racer, and the outsole is the best I’ve experienced for this type of terrain, outside of the Inov-8 treads. It’s built from a very slick, sticky rubber and the lugs are aggressive and well-spaced – it sheds mud instantly. Indeed, the whole shoe feels as if it’s built to repel mud: the upper is built from Asic’s water-repellant PlasmaGuard and the neoprene cuff keeps out detritus. As a result, I did find them a bit sweaty to run in though. My other minor complaint was that the lacing doesn’t come high enough – a couple more loops at the top would stop any heel slippage.

Screen Shot 2016-12-16 at 10.46.45.png


Best for MUDDY RACES. Amphibious salamander of a shoe – excels over wet, boggy ground.

Grip: 9/10
Cushioning: 4/10
Precision: 9/10