PRICE: £105
WEIGHT: 308g

These Asics certainly look like they’re more akin to a road shoe, so I was surprised by their performance. They are extremely flexible, allowing for a great range of movement, but the support underfoot isn’t as solid as I would like for rougher ground. The upper textiles are not as durable as others on test, with the toe rand being a much softer material, giving less protection on such terrain. Not everybody likes mountainous technical ground, however, so these are a good option for low-land trails. Multi-directional tread sticks well to harder surfaces, and the Gel cushioning technology really comes into play on long mileage, absorbing a lot of the shock. 


If your trails don’t take you over rocky ground then these are a joy to cover the miles.  


In 'Long Distance Trail Shoes' Issue 33 Aug/Sep 16