PRICE: £110
WEIGHT: 244g

This looks like a bruiser, with a mean sole – but, in actual fact, it’s super light on the foot. A solid heel cups the foot, keeping it in place. There’s a large 10.5mm drop so they encourage a fore strike but make it harder to go downhill. An inbuilt sock keeps out debris from the main shoe. Despite the upper shoe being very lightweight, the sole is certainly a solid one throughout the foot and suitable for tackling most terrains. Traxion and Continental technologies work well to provide great grip, even in wet conditions. The Boost technology helps you feel like you’re springing along the trails, but if they get wet do struggle a little to drain water.


A solid sole means you can fly along winter trails – but avoid water.

Grip: 9/10
Cushioning: 9/10
Precision: 9/10