New launch


KYMIRA Sport, the performance and recovery enhancing sportswear expert, has recently added to its collection of human powered thermal sportswear, by launching an innovative range of ¾ length leggings, available for both men and women.

Made from a lightweight infrared emitting fabric, the new leggings not only offer outstanding thermal qualities but also provide enhanced performance and recovery attributes, KYMIRA Sport garments are recognised for globally. Using KYnergy infrared technology, the leggings have the ability to improve the wearer’s performance due to the active minerals that are embedded into the fabric. The minerals capture the energy produced by the human body during exercise and re-emit it back into muscles, providing increased circulation, increased tissue oxygen levels by up to 20% and pain relief.

Ideal for winter sports, the new leggings have been specifically designed to be paired with KYMIRA Sport’s infrared compressions socks as the fit ensures there is only a slight overlap between the sock and legging. This pairing results in the wearer being free from any pressure points inside their boot.  

The new thermals leggings are available in sizes XS – XL. For more information visit:



We've had the socks on test here and can report they are a superb performance type piece of kit. How do they feel? Well, let's say you don't notice you have them on... which surely is just about the best thing you can say about a sock! Would we buy them? Oh yes. We've seen the technology used at work under the microscope and it definitely looks the business. Well worth a look