Compression leggings

Boost your recovery and help keep warm with one of our recently review compression leggings


Asics Finish Advantage Leggings 

200g UK Men’s M
The textured bands criss-crossing these tights are Viscomagic compression strips – there to provide support to key muscles, delaying fatigue and helping you to maintain a strong posture. According to Asics’ men in white coats, these areas have been identified with biometric testing and are crucial to improving performance. What that feels like in reality is, frankly, bloody tight – getting these leggings on is by no means graceful.
But once you’ve overcome that, the Finish Advantage tights live up to their name; the support is instantly recognisable, and they don’t restrict movement either. A really strong product from Asics.



2XU MCS Run Compression Tights 

202g UK Men’s M
Designed with anatomical precision, these MCS tights from 2XU certainly tick the box marked ‘compression’ – they feel supremely secure and supportive throughout
a prolonged run, and the pressure is exerted on exactly the areas where you need it most. There’s extra compression around the thigh, for example, to support the knee from heavy impact running, while the calf mapping reduces muscle strain during immediate contact with the ground. All of which contributes to a smooth, steady gait even over very rough trails – we found we felt more confident picking up the pace off-road, without worrying about fatigue.


Inov-8 AT/C Full Length Tights 

250g UK Men’s M

Given one word to describe these tights, we’d be cheeky and opt for a hyphen – multi-use. The rear zipped pocket and compression fabric make them ideal for racing in, and yet the easy-access ankle zips seem purpose-built for a quick change post-warm up. They’ll be comfy no matter what you wear them for – the flat elasticated waistband remains comfy after prolonged use, and the stretchy fabric prevents it from wearing out. They don’t compress quite as much as other tights – so you won’t experience as speedy a recovery – but that’s the expense you pay for race-ready features. We’d recommend these for long days in the hills.


Nike  Pro HyperCool 

190g UK Men’s M

You’ll get your best use from these during hot interval training sessions – as the name suggests, they’re engineered to dissipate heat from the body, which means you can train at a high intensity for longer without overheating. They don’t exert as much pressure on the muscles as other compression leggings, which is both comfortable – the material is softer on the skin – and a bit perplexing. By not offering as much support, they felt more of an accessory than an essential part of our kit. Still, they do what they say on the tin and are effective at keeping you cool – we tested these both out on the trails and in the gym, and they wicked away moisture on all occasions.

New Balance Precision Run Tight.jpg

NEW BALANCE Precision Run Tight

200g UK Men’s M

Featuring NB Dry – New Balance’s moisture-wicking fabric – these tights are designed to keep you cool and dry on the move, by moving sweat away from the body and drying quickly. Also assisting that cooling effect are the laser-cut perforations at the back of the knee, to increase breathability. The pocket has been lowered further down to the thigh, presumably to prevent irritable chafing around the hip – it feels a tad strange at first, but you can see the sense in it. A bright orange zip isn’t the only garish feature, either – the striking design isn’t there simply for show, as each stripe contains a nylon spandex blend, for extra compression.


Montane Trail Series Long Tight 

207g UK Men’s M

Fresh from the box of Montane’s new Via Trail Series, this is one product that has been designed specifically for the trails. The lower leg, for instance, includes an Aeroflyte QD shin panel to help ward against obstacles you’re likely to encounter off-road, and the Quartz Skin stretchy fabric wicks away moisture and has a UPF of 50+ to protect from sun damage. At the back there are gel-shot pockets to aid longer runs, and the entire product is treated with Polygiene antibacterial finish, to prevent odour accumulation. Overall, these tights were designed by trail runners – that much is very clear, and it pays dividends when running.

These reviews appeared in the Oct/Nov 2017 edition of Trail Running.