Montane Via Fang 5

 Montane Via Fang 5 £65.99

Montaine Fang 5 - Front - Flag Red_.jpg

By and large runners tend to be a polite bunch - you know, the types who will open the doors for old ladies, escort pensioners across the road, that sort of thing. Commentating on overpowering body odour would not be on the agenda for most.

Like-minded endurance types at Montane have recognised this and called on the amazing properties of Polygiene to make sure the latest range of Via Trail Series kit, in store right now, won’t ever whiff again. If the combined power of the 12 noses in our test are to be believed, Polygiene is so effective, you no longer have to wash your kit every day. Once a month will suffice, which is actually quite handy when it comes to a vest pack. We all wash kit fairly regularly, but packs? Yearly? Ever? Did you wonder why friends congratulated you on a great run from afar? Packs, let’s face it, can stink. But not if you own a Montane model from the Via Trail Series, the first such product ever to feature such smell-defying powers. Also available in the clothing range.

Give it a go, and your friends’ noses a break.