Good news: this is an easy to set up and quick to understand GPS watch and at £239 competitively priced. It does all the stuff you'd expect, like track distance, speed, elevation and heart rate, but the best bit? No more waving your hands in the air for an age; this thing snaps into the satellite signal pretty much instantly and you’re off!

As you’d hope, the information it provides is spot-on and if analysing your run in minute detail is your thing, well then this can do it. Admittedly, we were a bit suspicious of the heart rate supplied and to be honest the watch alone did seem a little in accurate with those numbers. Of course, you can invest in a chest strap for complete accuracy, so it’s not a problem.

Of course you can synch to your phone or your lap top and of course it has all sorts of extra bits like calories, steps, dual time and even how your heart rate varies throughout the day. 

It’s a little bulky so probably won’t work as an accessory on your wedding day, but can easily be used as an everyday watch especially as it seems to only need a charge once every six or even days - depending on GPS use. 

+Speed, simplicity, looks

  • heart rate accuracy




All in all, a great watch, especially for reluctant GPS users who want to just get going straight away!