Sunglasses for summer 2018

1 Adidas Beyonder £80


Conceived to blend sport and fashion, the Beyonders feature a classic sunglasses shape and minimalist frame design, and are available in a range of frame colours and lens choices. The interchangeable sports nose clip is designed to increase stability, but in use it’s fiddly and doesn’t improve the fit. The rounder, flatter lenses look good around town but hamper vision and reduce sun protection and they do bounce a little during running. 
Verdict: Comfortable and stylish but not great for runners.

2 Bloc Fox £45

bloc fox.jpg

Bloc’s brand-new style feels light and comfortable, offering good wraparound protection and a secure fit with an adjustable nose piece. These are undoubtedly good value, but the category 3 lenses are not as deep as some other designs on test, so they don’t offer
as much protection from glare. We also noticed some distortion when looking through the
edges of the lenses.
Verdict: Light and comfortable everyday running sunglasses at a good price. 

3 Julbo Aero Zebra Light £135


Developed alongside elite athletes, these shades look great and feel exceptionally light and stable, offering all-day comfort and protection. We tested them with photochromic lenses that automatically adjust with light levels from category 1 to 3. A great choice for all-day wear, or when you’re running through changing weather and shady areas. Available in several colours and lens choices. The minimalist Aerolite version has a narrower
fit and weighs just 23g.
Verdict: Perfect all day long, these glasses give top performance and great looks.

4 Cebe S’Pring £99


Designed with women runners in mind, these sunglasses are particularly useful for those with longer locks, thanks to sprung details on the arms that keep hair from the face. The sleek, wraparound design features anti-slip rubber nose pads and temple contact points that help the glasses hug the face to give a comfortable and stable fit, perfect for running technical trails. The feel is lightweight and protective, and the anti-fog, anti-scratch lenses can be changed for photochromic options. Available in four colours.
Verdict: Cleverly designed shades for women with top looks and comfort.

5 Oakley Flak 2.0 XL £180

oakley flak.jpg

At the top end of the price range, these shades definitely make a statement. The polarised lenses are exceptional, reducing glare but enhancing colours and visibility with absolutely no distortion of vision. They are lightweight and comfortable, with no bounce when used with the supplied sports nose piece. The frames are high quality and stylish, and are available in a range of lens and colour choices, as well as narrower fit.
Verdict: Exceptional lenses in a premium pair of glasses. 

6 Cebe S’Track L £119

cebe s track.jpg

Designed specifically for running with input from pro-racers, these sunnies offer close-fitting and comfortable protection across a range of light levels. They are supplied with interchangeable category 1-3 photochromic lenses or a set of clear lenses for protection on cloudy days. The sprung arms hold your head comfortably but incredibly securely, though we did notice a bit of bounce at the nose. Available in several colours or a narrower fit. 
Verdict: Brilliant trail running sunglasses: protective, close fitting and funky looking.

7 Sunwise Kennington £40


British-designed and available in four different colours, the Kennington’s wraparound design fits well, offering good protection from the sun and excellent stability. The adjustable nose piece and grippy arms hold well with zero bounce when running. Supplied with four sets of lenses, from category 0-3, they’re great for a variety of conditions.  The lenses fit very securely with a locking clip in the hinge.
Verdict: Great value, high-performance running sunglasses. 

8 Sungod Custom Pacebreakers £85 29g

These custom shades allow you to choose your own colours  and lenses (including polarised options) on Sungod’s user-friendly website. They have good stability and comfort with wraparound frames offering great visibility and side protection, although we found they bounced a little during faster sessions. A great choice for multi-sporters, the high-top frame provides an excellent vertical range of vision, so a good choice for those who cycle too. Sungod was created on the back of an enthusiasm for customisation and these do just that.
Verdict: Customisable styling, great field of view and adventure-proof design.

9 Sunwise Peak Mk1 £24


These shades from British brand Sunwise are fantastic value but you’d never guess it from their looks. Category-3 lenses in a wraparound frame with rubberised nose and sleeves offer great protection and stability. They’re aimed at a range of sports but work well for running, with only very minimal bounce. Lens distortion is slightly worse than some on test, so they’re better suited to easier trails than more technical terrain.
Verdict: Good looks and performance at an outstanding price.