Sleep more effectively and improve recovery

Polar Ignite

Polar Ignite

Polar has recognised the importance of sleep for peak performance and has launched its new watch Polar Ignite

We’ve taken a quick look here and it is packed with all sorts of impressive extras, including sleep-quality insights, as well as the typical GPS and heart-rate features.

Previously, Polar’s products have focused on training statistics – predominately your heart rate. But now, they have incorporated other exciting aspects that are equally important for performance. “Knowing your body’s recovery entails much more than just knowing if you got enough sleep the night before,” says Mari Junttila, segment manager at Polar, describing how the watch differs from others on the market. The Ignite detects sleep and wake just as accurately as devices used in clinical practice.

So what does it offer?

Sleep Plus tool as an indicator of sleep quality

The Sleep Plus tool offers insight into the amount and quality of sleep as well as information on how users cycled through light, deep, and REM sleep stages. Multiple sleep parameters are summed up in the Sleep Score. This tells users how well they have slept and how lifestyle habits can affect sleep.

Nightly Recharge to track recovery

The Nightly Recharge tool shows how well you are recovered from training and stress by combining information from your sleep with the status of your autonomic nervous system (ANS). This uses heart rate variability to show how well your body has calmed down at the end of the day.

FitSpark personalised training tool

FitSpark provides personalized targets and supporting exercises, based on the user’s fitness level, training history and Nightly Recharge measurement. These exercises are within cardio, strength training and performance categories.

Additional features


●   Serene - offers new guided breathing exercises right from the wrist. Mental wellbeing is an important part of recovery, yet our bodies don’t distinguish between stress from training and other parts of life. Regular, daily breathing exercises with Serene can help balance body and mind, recover better, and even help with better sleep.

●   Daily ativity and continuous heart rate - Combines activity and heart rate data to calculate daily calorie burn and steps outside of training, and offers a comprehensive view on everyday life, accurate calorie consumption and activity data.

●    Running Index - Provides a running performance score. Running Index automatically provides an estimate of a runner’s running Vo2max score based on their submaximal or typical runs.

●    Running programme - Polar’s personalised and adaptive training program offers guidance on completing anything from a 5km to a marathon.

●   Swim metrics: Tracks indoor and outdoor swimming sessions with metrics such as stroke rate and distance.

 Polar Ignite is available now at The watch comes in a variety of colours including, black and silver, with a thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) wristband (£174.50), and in white and silver and yellow and black with a soft silicon wristband (£199.50).