Osprey Duro Solo Belt

In the height of marathon season training, we checked out the Osprey Duro Solo Belt, which is well equipped to carry most of what you need on those long weekend runs.

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Waistpacks can come in a variety of shapes and sizes - from the lightweight, slim belts that stretch to carry your mobile phone and not much else to the sort you'll need if you like to go well equipped on your three-hour-plus runs.

Osprey's Duro Solo Belt is in the latter category and our first thought was that it looked quite bulky.

Chiefly you'll use it for carrying your water, and it comes with a 570ml bottle included, which can be kept in place with a retaining strap. It also has a touchscreen smartphone window, storage for gels and snacks, an internal key attachment clip and a zip pull emergency whistle. It weighs in at 150g.

Our tester said: "Although when I first looked at it  I thought it looked big and cumbersome, I found it really comfortable, I liked the wide elasticated waist band - it didn't rub but kept the belt firmly in place."

You'll have to carry the liquid at your side, which isn't everyone's ideal. But although our tester was concerned about this because of a back issue, she confirmed it wasn't an issue.

She added: "The pockets are a good size and kept the contents dry. I particularly liked the clear window on the outside pocket for putting my emergency contact information in."

The whistle was found to be a handy extra, although our tester felt the quality, size and pitch was not in keeping with the rest of the product. Then again it's hopefully not something you're going to need very often.

Osprey's Duro Solo Belt may be overkill if you just need a mobile phone and a water bottle, but if you're someone who doesn't like to carry your liquid in your hands or will be out for a long while, it's a useful addition to your running drawer.