Light the way

Don’t let dark nights put a dent in your training. Check out Trail Running's reviews of some of the best out

Petzl ACTIK-CORE_HighRes.jpg

Petzl Actik Core

82g, 350 lumens £50
This compact head torch has a multi-beam design with red lighting for night vision, a reflective headband, and useful emergency whistle. You get an impressive 350 lumens output, and it comes with a rechargeable core battery unit. It can also take standard AAA batteries. Rated IPX4 water-resistant. Maximum beam distance 95m.


Ledlenser MH10 LED 

158g, 600 lumens £90
With 600 lumens, this torch is intuitive to use. It has Advanced Focus System, which switches the beam from spot to flood. The white light can be changed to red or green, and it has a rear red safety light. It has three light modes. Recharging is fast, and it’s rated at IPX4 water-resistance. Maximum beam distance 150m. 

Silva Trail Runner 3 

Up to 150g, 400 lumens £60
(rechargeable £80)
This torch comes with USB charged batteries but also uses AA batteries – combined, they will last for 12 hours. It has a red rear light for visibility and can be attached to your bike or over a helmet. A powerful 400 lumens light your way. and it has four modes. Rated at IPX6 water-resistance. Maximum beam distance 120m.

Coleman CXS+ 300R 


121g, 300 lumens £55
This re-chargeable head torch adapts the beam pattern to the surroundings. It also has gesture control, taking only a swipe of the hand to cycle through five modes. A battery lock prevents the batteries from running down. It’s extremely durable, and rated at IPX4 water-resistance. Maximum beam distance is 50m. 

Silverpoint Spark ll X140 rechargeable 62g, 140 lumens 

silverpoint spark.jpg £25
An ultra-lightweight, well-priced torch,
with 140 lumens. It has side LED lights
to provide better peripheral vision. There’s no need to change batteries in regular use – just charge with the cable provided and it will be ready for the next outing. Rated at IPX6 water-resistance. Maximum beam distance 60m.

Silverpoint SC310 


123g, 310 lumens £50
Packing 310 lumens, this torch has a diffuser lens, which spreads light more evenly. It has four modes and includes a battery indicator on the back, and a battery warning light on the front, which you can see while wearing. A whistle for emergencies is a useful addition. Rated IPX6 water-resistance, the maximum beam distance is 120m.