PRICE: £160

Most people have heard of GoPro, arguably the market leaders in action cameras. The Hero4 Session is its smallest and lightest, and is robust enough that it doesn’t need a waterproof housing, unlike its stablemates. The camera is tiny, measuring only 38mm high, 38mm wide and 36.4mm deep, so can be carried in a bumbag or even a jacket pocket. Despite its size, the Session is feature-packed: 1920 x 1440 resolution, max frame-rate of 100fps (frames per second, great for slow-mo shots) and 8MP (megapixel) photos with Burst and Time Lapse modes. Press the record button to begin filming or time lapse photography. You can change the video settings via a tiny button but the main menu is controlled wirelessly via smartphone, using a free app. Footage is recorded on a tiny micro USB card. The battery lasts 2 hours and is charged by plugging the camera into a USB adapter or computer.


Great camera with many features of other GoPros at a more affordable price, but you need a smartphone.

gopro main_preview.jpg