PRICE: £450

Show off your epic runs using the new VIRB Ultra 30. Hefty price tag, yes, but it shoots in HD 4K (30fps), has a full-colour touch screen with voice control, and live streaming. Not only does it go above and beyond on camera features but, by using GPS and precision sensors, it records G-Metrix data, tracking your route, speed and ascent. For a camera which can keep up with you on trails, Garmin have near-on hit the nail on the head with this piece of kit. It’s lightweight and rugged, and you don’t need to worry about dropping it or getting it wet – the VIRB Ultra
30 is waterproof up to 40m in its solid casing (even with the microphone). The camera is compatible with third-party accessories, too, so there’s no need to invest in VIRB-specific mounts. It has stiff competition with the GoPro Hero5 Black release, but it’s outstanding when it comes to capturing unforgettable trail shots.


Use your smartphone as a remote control, or live stream your adventure to Facebook or Garmin Connect through the VIRB app. Garmin’s VIRB Edit desktop software allows you to edit your videos with ease, including the G-Metrix data so you can show off your run.