AfterShockz Aerobone conduction headphones

Get in rhythm with the new Aftershock Aeropex bone conduction headphones

Aftershockz, a leading brand in the world of wireless headphones known for their distinctive out-of-ear design, have released their most powerful generation of headphones yet - the Aeropex.

And yet with quality comes expense - the Aeropex headphones will be available online for £149.95 RRP, a hefty price for such a small piece of technology. Despite this, Aftershock are keen to display the product’s major improvements over its previous counterparts.

By way of illustration, the headphones are 30% smaller and sport a premium titanium frame, making them 13% lighter than the Trekz Air.

To further their appeal, they sport PremiumPitch2+ sound, which optimises their sound to increase their bass.

Moreover, a single charge will allow the headphones to gain eight hours of music play and call time. A two-hour charge will provide you with full playing time, but just 15 minutes will provide enough juice to get you through a long run.

Additionally, the Aeropex will be fully sweatproof and IP67 waterproof, meaning they can be submerged under a metre of water for 30 minutes.

  • This cutting-edge technology will be available from June 14 2019 in an array of unique colours: solar red, cosmic black, lunar grey and blue eclipse.

The Aeropex specifically benefits cyclists…

The Aeropex specifically benefits cyclists…

These bone conduction headphones leave your ear canals completely open - allowing you to find the perfect balance between immersing yourself in your music and focusing on what’s going on around you, whether that’s your running partner, passers-by or cars.

  • The Aeropex is specifically designed to cater for many different athletes, and to support a range of different movements. These headphones can endure long and intense workouts, and ensure you wont have to worry about them falling out, allowing you freedom and enjoyment while exercising.


MIIEGO AL3+Freedom Earphones

AL3+ Freedom by MIIEGO.png

MIIEGO AL3+Freedom Earphones

Made by Danish brand MIIEGO, these wireless earphones are ultra-comfortable. We found they had a decent battery life of 10 hours, and the design ensured the fit around the ears was snug. Connecting via Bluetooth was really simple (and reliable too) and changing songs during a run was effortless. Also available in a women’s fit.

Pure Move R3 Personal Stereo review

Pure Move R3 Personal Stereo £90


This is the pocket DAB+ radio that goes where you go. It delivers up to 15 hours of playback thanks to the built-in rechargeable battery and includes a pair of noise-isolating headphones. It has three station preset buttons and 20 presets in total so you can quickly access the station of your choice, while the ultra-clear OLED screen makes for easy navigation through the menus. The R3 will automatically find DAB and local FM stations, and the tempered glass screen guards against knocks and scratches. Available in white or black colours.

Groov-e Motion Sports bluetooth headphones review

Groov-e Motion Sports
Bluetooth Headphones with mic £35

Screen Shot 2018-06-06 at 15.42.50.jpg

Perfect for all fitness fans thanks to their wireless and comfortable design, these headphones provide 10-12 hours of music on the go. The soft ear pads and lightweight design make them easy to wear and run with, while the sweat- resistant material ensures they're durable.They have a rechargeable battery and folding design, and come complete with their own carrying pouch.

Sony Xperia Ear Duo smart earphones review

Sony Xperia Ear Duo £249


The Xperia Ear Duo offers runners a new listening experience. You can enjoy music, make calls, listen to forecasts, check train times and much more – all while still being able to hear the sounds around you. You can connect to voice assistants such as Google and Siri, while the ergonomic design leaves the ear canal open for extra comfort. Even better, the volume automatically adjusts depending on your surroundings for an optimised audio experience – so you don’t have to faff about with controls. This clever little unit can even switch seamlessly between music, calls and news without you ever touching a button. Daily Assist uses multiple sensors to understand where you are and what you're doing, so it can give you what you need, when you need it. 

Skullcandy Method earbuds review

Skullcandy Method
BT Sports Earbuds £50


Runners will love the secure fit and
sweat-resistance of these popular
sports earbuds. With Bluetooth built
into a flexible around-the-neck collar, they offer comfort and functionality and are lightweight at only 32g.
Nine hours of battery life and 33ft
of connectivity means they're great
for all-day active wireless listening. They're sweat resistant too, which
is always a bonus. Available in
men’s and women’s versions.

San Disk Clip Sport Plus mp3 player review

SanDisk Clip Sport
Plus MP3 Player £49

ClipSportPlus_red_front copy.png

Listen to music, audiobooks, podcasts, and anything else that takes your fancy with the SanDisk Clip Sport Plus. Great for anyone on the move, this lightweight gadget clips to your shirt or wristband, which keeps your hands and pockets free. It's water-resistant and durable, making it ideal for trail runs.
It stores up to 4000 songs and also has an FM tuner if you get sick of listening to your own music. The battery lasts for up to 20 hours and comes with its own earphones.

Jaybird Run earbuds review

Jaybird Run £170


Excellent wireless sports buds that sit flush in your ears. At 15g they’re as unobtrusive as it gets with a selection of wing tips and gels that create a snug fit. They deliver deep, rich sounds, which can be fully customised. You can take calls thanks to a mic built into the right earbud, with responsive controls on both buds for skipping tracks, answering calls and summoning Siri or Google Assistant. Battery life is four hours, plus another eight hours back-up in the charging case. If you do run out of juice, there’s also a five-minute quick charge that provides an hour of listening time. They're sweatproof, water-resistant and available in three funky colours. 

Aftershokz Trekz Air review

Aftershokz Trekz Air £150 

AfterShokz_Trekz_Air_Green (1) copy.png

The next generation of bone conduction technology is inside these light, organically designed open-ear headphones. Bulk has been cut and titanium added to ensure they fit securely with better sound quality. They're lightweight and comfortable, sitting outside the ear to avoid buds popping out. The flexible neck band
means you can drop them to your shoulders and run unencumbered at any point. The sound isn’t as full as with more traditional headphones, but Trekz Air are designed to let you hear what’s going on around you too – a big safety plus that also makes them a good choice for marathons and races where you want to hear the roar of the crowds. Controls are simple with one large multi-function button on the left bud that also summons Siri, and two smaller volume controls behind the right ear. Battery life is six hours from a single two-hour full charge; and they’re IP55-rated to repel sweat, rain and dust. Available in grey, blue and green. 

Montane Via Fang 5

 Montane Via Fang 5 £65.99

Montaine Fang 5 - Front - Flag Red_.jpg

By and large runners tend to be a polite bunch - you know, the types who will open the doors for old ladies, escort pensioners across the road, that sort of thing. Commentating on overpowering body odour would not be on the agenda for most.

Like-minded endurance types at Montane have recognised this and called on the amazing properties of Polygiene to make sure the latest range of Via Trail Series kit, in store right now, won’t ever whiff again. If the combined power of the 12 noses in our test are to be believed, Polygiene is so effective, you no longer have to wash your kit every day. Once a month will suffice, which is actually quite handy when it comes to a vest pack. We all wash kit fairly regularly, but packs? Yearly? Ever? Did you wonder why friends congratulated you on a great run from afar? Packs, let’s face it, can stink. But not if you own a Montane model from the Via Trail Series, the first such product ever to feature such smell-defying powers. Also available in the clothing range.

Give it a go, and your friends’ noses a break.

CEP outdoor Light Merino Mid-Cut Socks review

CEP outdoor Light Merino Mid-Cut Socks £18

50g (men’s IV)


With a background in compression wear for the medical industry, CEP produces socks that pack serious technology. This merino version, with added nylon for durability and elastane for stretch, is made in Germany. The sizing is based on individual ankle measurements (in cm) so they’re a great fit, reducing the likelihood of blisters or chafing. They’re fantastic to run in, with supportive compression, zoned cushioning and a temperature-regulating weave. 

Verdict Precise fit, supportive socks
for all-day running comfort.

Get close to nature with our natural fabrics feature in the September-October issue of Trail Running - out now