#Run1000Miles made easy

Six easy ways to fit Trail Running magazine's #Run1000Miles challenge into your daily life throughout 2017.

With a bit of diary shuffling, your 1000 miles can be squeezed into slots of time that would otherwise be wasted. Simple lifestyle changes like running to work, a lunchtime jog or a quick mile or two while dinner’s cooking will make all the difference. Even cutting down your two-hour box-set session - depending on cliffhangers, of course – in favour of catching the sunset at the end of your local trail is an easy adjustment that will keep your total mileage ticking over. It’s all part of making this year your fittest ever, with #Run1000Miles as your crucible. None of this is to say you need to completely overhaul your lifestyle though – far from it. Instead, our experts’ advice can help you optimise the time you currently have, as well as discovering opportunities to find small moments of running bliss that help make it all worth while. If you’re not convinced it’s possible, read on. This is all about making #Run1000Miles work for you; not the other way round. Sign up now here!



Turning your daily dog walk into a run will automatically add miles to your weekly count, with the added bonus of exercising/tiring out the hounds. It’s time you’d spend outside anyway, so simply picking up the pace will steadily chip away at that target. Plus, you can head along to Canicross classes at running clubs across the country, where owners and dogs run together. Visit www.thekennelclub.org.uk.

2 Pair up

With work, kids to feed, pets to look after, and your favourite box-set to be watched, there aren’t that many hours in a day – that’s why busy parents, work-pressed colleagues or TV addict friends can take on the 1000 miles as a pair. You can run a combined 19.2 miles a week and still take part in this formidable challenge, all while retaining a sense of control and equilibrium. The only real question is who gets to keep the medal!

3 track your progress 

Located at the end of the 36-page mini-mag with the Feb/Mar17 issue of Trail Running mag (on sale 5 Jan) is an organised tracker, so you can keep tabs on how many miles you get under your belt each week – it’s simple and intuitive to use, with full instructions on p34. Try setting yourself targets for each month or two; this micro-goal setting creates virtual finishing lines, to help keep motivation levels high as you move forward. It works, trust us.

4 join us on Facebook

By interacting regularly with our exclusive Facebook group, and using the hashtag #Run1000Miles across social media such as Twitter and Instagram, you’ll gain access to the insights and advice of thousands of like-minded runners, athletes and experts. So if you’ve got any questions – or just need a kick to help you feel inspired to get moving again – you’ll never be far from a friendly word of encouragement.


By the time you’ve got changed, laced up your trainers and left enough time to shower afterwards, you’ll have roughly 30-40mins of sheer running elation to enjoy – and that sounds like at least 5k to us. Done every day, you’ll have already bagged 15miles before the weekend arrives. And not only will your brace of outdoor air help bring 1000 miles closer, you’ll return to your desk refreshed and ready to nail the afternoon to-do list.


Located within every issue of Trail Running magazine you’ll find 17 pages of astounding routes and exciting races for you to try out, with details for each one. We’re not expecting you to fill your calendar cover to cover with races across Britain – as amazing as that sounds – but by picking out some key goals to work towards throughout the year, you’ll focus your training and increase your motivation to hit the trails.