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Why #Run1000Miles?

Take on Trail Running magazine's #Run1000Miles in 2017 and you’ll be rewarded with more than just fitness…more motivation, brain power, happiness and friends will be yours in abundance this year.


Before signing up to any challenge – from your first 10k to the office Bake Club – you’ll ask yourself all the usual questions: do you really want to do it? Can you realistically complete it? Perhaps most of all, what’s in it for you? Well, we can help on all three fronts. Our training plans, mapped trail routes and race ideas will help you make running 1000 miles in 2017 (19.2 miles a week) an easily surmountable task. And our array of ambassadors, competitions to win kit from our sponsors, and cohort of fellow runners will inspire you to kick-start what will be your fittest year ever. As for what you can expect to gain – simply read on… (convinced already? Sign up now, here!)

We practice what we preach! Team Trail Running's editor Claire, staff writer Jack and gear editor Hannah have all signed up for their fittest year ever in 2017 with #Run1000Miles. Sign up  here  and join us on  Facebook ! 

We practice what we preach! Team Trail Running's editor Claire, staff writer Jack and gear editor Hannah have all signed up for their fittest year ever in 2017 with #Run1000Miles. Sign up here and join us on Facebook

the benefits 

BURN 123,000KCAL

The average human can run at the speed of 15 miles an hour for short periods of time (Ussain Bolt's record was 27.44mph in 2014!) according to the National Council on Strength and Fitness. Obviously you we won't be running that fast for our whole 1000 miles (ahem!) but at a more reasonable trotting pace of 10min per mile, you'd burn 80-100kcals every mile (depending on your fitness level, use a HR watch to check yours). So, 1000 miles will burn us an enormous 100,000kcal. Extra biscuits all round!


We understand a few of your 1000 miles will be run on tarmac; that’s just a practical necessity, and we won’t gripe. Well, not too much. But this challenge is an amazing opportunity to discover off-road trails in your local area, and an excuse to up sticks to any one of Britain’s most scenic areas. 


Every issue of Trail Running in 2017 will update you on the progress of our thousands of runners taking on #Run1000Miles, complete with updated advice and expert tips. Get involved right now – post pictures of your progress with the #Run1000Miles hashtag on social media for your chance to feature in the next issue of Trail Running magazine (on sale 9 March).


Research from University College London has found that exercising three times a week can lower your risk of depression by 16%. Compounding these findings is a study from Stanford University, which suggests that simply spending time outdoors can further alleviate symptoms of anxiety and depression. So, if you need a pick-me-up, trail running is a safe bet.


This shouldn’t come as a surprise, given the mammoth calorie burn listed below left, but a finding in the British Journal of Sports Medicine suggests amateur running generally doesn’t result in an increased energy intake, which means the fat you burn will stay off –so long as you maintain regular exercise, that is. And with 1000 miles to clock up, that won’t be a problem.


By signing up to #Run1000Miles, you’re joining a community of thousands of like-minded runners, all working towards the same goal. We’ve created a secure Facebook group to serve as a forum for all your questions, with TR staff, contributors and our ambassadors available for advice. This is one fantastic opportunity to engage with fellow trail enthusiasts and encourage each other along.


Running outdoors tests your body in ways that treadmill running – or just sitting around – can never do, which will lead to biomechanical improvements in your joints and muscles. Uneven natural ground, with all its roots, twigs and hollows, forces the body to engage smaller stabilising muscles and strengthen key joints. So will you be 1000 times stronger by the end? We guess there’s one way to find out…


The first 1000 people to sign up and post their pledge on social media will get a FREE Ruff headband from Custom Fit Brands, worth £10. And everyone who completes the #Run1000Miles challenge will be awarded at the end of the year with a super duper FREE medal from Classic Miniatures Award It!