GET YOUR #Run1000Miles 2018 Ruff!

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Are you taking part in our #Run1000Miles challenge to have your fittest year ever in 2018? Now you can tell the world you're part of this awesome group of trail runners with our exclusive, limited edition Ruff! 


Post your fun rufff pics on social media using the #Run1000Miles hashtag for your chance to win prizes from our sponsors, Montane, Inov-8, Ordnance Survey and Sports Tours International!

They're great for running uphill, trails, off-road, races, sideways, backwards, whatever you like! They're the same colour as a can of Heinz beans and they make a great accessory for your pet chicken. They keep your face warm in the chilly breeze and your hair back when you're reaching that last mile. So whether you decide to use it out on your next run or to see if your dog could make it onto the next series of Top Model, we want to see so make sure to send them in or share them on the Facebook group!

 Want to show off the newly designed #Run1000Miless ruff? Then place your order below and we'll send it on it's way...

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