Red Bull X-Alps

Photo credit: Tyler Tate @TSquaredSports

Photo credit: Tyler Tate @TSquaredSports

Photo credit:  Red Bull X-Alps

Photo credit: Red Bull X-Alps

The world’s most extreme alpine adventure race has begun. No time for winding roads and obscure routes, competitors of Red Bull X-Alps must take to the air and trails along the most direct course to the finish. This unique straight-line distance race of 1138km traverses the Alps from Salzburg to Monaco, with seven turn points in seven different countries.

Today athletes swing past turnpoint six, with the finish line in (mental) sight. So what is happening right this moment? Christian Maurer (SUI1) is about to pass Turin and, in the lead with 155km to go, followed by B. Outters (FRA4), who is now traversing the Valle d’Aosta with 222km to go, and P. Guschlbauer (AUT1) is just resting on the banks of the Torrente Anza in third with 280km left.

Typically changeable weather conditions will take endurance to the extreme in this race and each athlete must have expert support with strategy and nutrition. It is impossible not to be inspired by the immense ambition of all 31 athletes, whose every move is being broadcasted by Live Tracking technology as we speak - have a look now!

Written by Kate Milsom