how to access os maps if you are a subscriber

Congratulations! As if getting your favourite magazine delivered direct to your door wasn't enough, you're about to unlock every OS map the UK has to offer - as well as hundreds of expert-written routes from the UK's bestselling running magazines - for free! If you're not a subscriber, here's how to fix that.


Step 1
Retrieve the carrier sheet that came with your magazine this month. That's the piece of paper that has your address details on it and covers the front of the mag. It looks a bit like like this:

Step 2
Take note of your subscriber number. It's the 12-digit number in the top left of the box with your address details in, as indicated above. This is your unique subscriber number: keep this safe as you can't access the next step without it. 

Step 3
Got your number? Now email and list your name, address and subscriber number to receive a unique code.

Step 4
If you've completed step 3, you will now have been issued another unique code. Now it's time to head to OS Maps.

Step 5
 and find the Premium £23.99 One Year option. Click 'Get One Year'. Over the next couple of pages you'll fill in your details until you reach checkout... 

Step 6 which point (above) you tap in your unique code from step 4, hit the 'Update Total' button and away you go! 

Happy mapping!