Nutrition tips to get you going


Reward carefully

We only burn around 100 calories per mile, no matter how fast you run that mile, so don’t reach for a donut after every run!

Eat it all

Runners are famed for cutting out bits here and there but in reality – let’s use that phrase again – everything in moderation works. The two most common pitfalls to avoid: eliminating grains, which increases risk for illness and injury, and eliminating meat, which increases risk for anemia.


Mix and match

We all know carbs are hugely important when it comes to running but don’t make them the be all and end all; most healthy diets will still provide enough incidental carbs to fuel you.


Go easy on the sports drinks

They definitely work, but like everything use them moderately. Sipping a high energy drink all day before that evening run will simply overdose you on sugar. Instead, go for high quality natural foods as the source of your everyday energy.


Great foods to consider

Here’s some superfood suggestions to fuel your 1000-mile journey:

Berries, beans, salmon, pasta, vegetables, bananas, nuts and chocolate milk – just not all at once!

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