Currently, we're working on the latest edition - on sale Jan 4 - and it'll feature a fab spread on the OMM...Needless to say, working on such a feature got us thinking: what has been the greatest OMM so far in the 50 superb years it's been taking place. Here's how the argument has been going so far

1976 Galloway Highland

Galloway OMM had terrifyingly bad weather and only 30% finished. Event creator Gerry Charnley gives his famous quote to the BBC reporter, “it’s not a Sunday afternoon picnic.”


1998 Howgill Fells

An exceptionally hard event also known as the ‘Howling Howgills’. It was recorded online for the first time and OMM say they were the first UK event to do this. 


2008 Lake District

Cancelled for the first time ever due to high winds, extreme rain and floods. Remarkably only one competitor was swept away by a swollen river and rescued from an island mid-torrent.


2017 Great Langdale 50th anniversary

Wild day one weather conditions forced many competitors to quit including last year’s 2nd placers Nic Barber and Jim Mann who, wearing super light kit in order to be competitive, knew that slowing down to look for a checkpoint would make them too cold to continue the race.

Action from this year's - windy - event

Action from this year's - windy - event