'World's toughest island race' supports anti-trafficking charities

Run For Love III is a 280km race across the Azores

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More than 500 runners will tackle what is claimed to be the “world’s toughest island race” next winter to raise money for victims of human trafficking in the UK.

Run For Love III, organised by sports nutrition brand TRIBE, will cover 280km across the Azores set of islands in the Atlantic.

Organisers of the event on November 23-December 1 hope to raise £250,000 for the TRIBE Freedom Foundation.

Participants will cover 46km (29 miles) per day in extreme terrain and heat. The overall elevation of 13,000m means they will scale the equivalent of Everest two and a half times. They will have to navigate 30-degree inclines and possibly face high winds.

Half of the £250,000 fundraising target raised will help trafficking charity Ella’s Home, which offers rehabilitative support for women coming out of situations of trafficking and exploitation. The latter half will be donated to Sheffield-based charity Snowdrop Project, which provides long-term follow-on support for survivors by working one-to-one, ensuring complex personal needs are met.

Tom Stancliffe, TRIBE co-founder, said: “After laying the foundations with Run for Love and Run for Love II, we have raised over £500,000 that has helped fight human trafficking in the UK through our Freedom Foundation registered charity. However, the battle is still not over with 13,000 people living in slavery across the UK, and our mission is not complete.

“We are immensely proud to have 500 of our most dedicated athletes run the distance in Run for Love III for such a huge social issue. We hope the funds we raise will make a huge impact on changing the human trafficking landscape. As well as supporting victims of human trafficking, we can help create a framework for the reporting, prevention and intervention of modern-day slavery.”

Although the main event sold out within 24 hours, places are still available in the final-day half-marathon race. Click here for details.

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