What's your favourite running word?

Oxford English Dictionary ask for your help to identify terms coined by runners


"Shakeout", "Strava segment", "PW", "chicked" - all examples of words and phrases which we runners use that might be alien to "normal people". Running evolves its own vocabulary and, to celebrate its 90th birthday, the Oxford English Dictionary are calling for readers of Trail Running's help as it researches #hobbywords.

OED told us: "A number of running and runners terms are already included in the dictionary.  For example we have recently added entries for FREE RUNNING (the activity of moving rapidly and freely over or around obstacles) and SNEAKERHEAD (a North American term to describe an enthusiast of sneakers, traced so far to 1997). 

"Are these words still used in the running community?  Do you have evidence of earlier usage?  Are new words and phrases coming into use?  We would love your readers to tell us the words they use when they describe a particular technique, or a slang and colloquial expression that has arisen."

Can you think of any more such words or phrases, whether it be recently coined terms or established running lingo? It would be great to come up with a top 10 of running #hobbywords.

OED are asking you to send your contributions to: https://public.oed.com/appeals/hobby-words/ or join the conversation on Twitter #hobbywords. Don't forget to include your definition.