TRIBE's 2000km charity duathlon

The world's toughest duathlon is under way. It's been 6 days of intense running for the TRIBE Run for Love team from Sarajevo to the Alps, running 338km across multiple countries. Fueled by thousands of TRIBE bars, the sports nutrition team had to battle extreme heat and bodily exhaustion to complete 'Stage 1' of the epic duathlon.

As you read this they are whizzing their way through the Alps, cycling 1800km to reach London in 8 day's time. Team TRIBE have already raised an incredible £81,000 for charities which fight human trafficking. including Unseen - with the ultimate goal of raising £250,000. 

Sponsor the team at #WeRunForLove #EndHumanTrafficking #FuelledByTribe

Written by Kate Milsom

Photo credit: TRIBE

Photo credit: TRIBE

Video credit: Youtube, We are Tribe.