The Suunto 9 is built to last

Read about a new GPS device and fitness tracker with a battery life of up 120 hours

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If you've ever been about to set off on a run and found your watch battery low on power, you'll appreciate the new Suunto 9, which offers up to 120 hours of battery life.

For those of you with a "if it's not on Strava, it didn't happen" point of view, the revelation that you've forgotten to plug in your training watch can come as a major blow.

With this GPS watch and fitness tracker, it should happen a little less often. It comes with three battery modes - performance, endurance and ultra - and an indicator before each run of how much juice you have left so you can switch to a different mode to save energy if necessary.

Together with notifications about low power during your run and throughout the day, this device is clearly aimed at solving that particular problem.

As battery life has an impact on GPS accuracy, Suunto have come up with "FusedTrack" technology which combined GPS with motion detection. The idea is that this will allow you to save battery life without compromising on accuracy.

The makes of this device believe it has been through enough testing in real conditions to ensure it suits the needs of everyone. 

“Durability and precision, attributes at the core of Suunto design heritage, are highly valued by our athletes, and one of the elementary reasons they trust and choose us,” said Markus Kemetter, Suunto product line manager. “To ensure this, we put the Suunto 9 through vigorous testing. First in our testing laboratory, exposing the materials and the build to various elements and forces, including drop, freeze/thaw, humidity and immersion, and later by our skilled and passionate team of field testers and athletes, who for months have used the watch in their training and everyday life.” 

Naturally, this watch comes with an app for Apple and Android to ensure you can share and analyse your activities later.

With stainless steel buttons as well as bezel, it will satisfy those who are irritated with touch-screen devices in wet weather.

Available in black or white and priced at £499, it is available from June 26.