The lowdown on #Run1000Miles

Everything you need to know about the challenge that thousands of you have already signed up to in 2018

Run1000Miles with sponsors.jpg

Our #Run1000Miles challenge was such a massive success in 2017 that we’ve brought it back, bigger and better. Whether you nailed the target with flying colours, failed to hit four figures or are a box-fresh newbie, we’d love you to get involved in 2018.

#Run1000Miles is not simply a New Year’s resolution. It’s a whole-year transformation – a long-term change rather than a new habit that you may not keep up.

Many of our #Run1000Milers last year reported that, whether they reached their goal or not, they felt much fitter, more positive and were inspired by reading about the exploits of the other members.

Therefore, don’t just decide in your head to go for it. Commit by signing up online, join the Facebook page for tips and motivation, fill in the mileage tracker and share your progress on social media using the hashtag #Run1000Miles.

Don’t forget to check out our free 36-page supplement in this issue of Trail Running for our training plans and motivation from last year’s participants.

Above all, make 2018 your fittest year ever.

How to sign up
1 Sign up online
Visit to register. We have 100 #Run1000Mile ruffs to give away to runners signing up before 28 February. So, if you fancy the chance of winning a ruff worth £7.50, sign up today. 
Good luck!

2 Do a pledge
Fill in the back cover of the #Run1000Miles supplement in this issue, take a picture of it and post it on social media to commit to the challenge.

3 Join the Facebook group
Sign up at You’ll be part of a buzzing community sharing the joys and toils of the experience, boosting you to achieve your aims.

4 Fill in the tracker
Use the mileage tracker on p34-35 of the supplement to record how you’re progressing towards the big 1000.

5 Get social
Tag your social media posts with #Run1000Miles and we’ll use a selection of comments in the mag.

6 Get expert tips
Read Trail Running every issue for the latest advice on how to make it all the way.