New ultra to take place around Windermere

45-mile off-road route will be open to runners and walkers

The Lap banner.jpg

A newly launched 45-mile ultra around Lake Windermere will enable runners and walkers to enjoy some of the best scenery Britain has to offer this September.

“The Lap” will take place on September 7 and will be a low-level navigation of England’s largest lake.

Participants will have 24 hours to complete the off-road route, which will start from YMCA Lakeside, bear Newby Bridge. Entries will be capped at 300 to limit the ecological impact. Each year the route will alternate.

The event will have five feed stations, courtesy of Mountain Fuel.

The Lap course avoids the highest parts around Windermere

The Lap course avoids the highest parts around Windermere

Event director Davy Newell said: “It all started with an old map filled with crossings outs and notes. From this, the route was born. We set out to create the most beautiful race we could on trails we love. We didn’t care about distance or ascent - we just wanted a route we would want to do ourselves and I think we’ve achieved that.”

He added: “This is a low-level route and so is an ideal introduction to off-road distance running and also means we can go ahead, whatever the weather, which here in Cumbria means a lot!”

Local brewing company Bowness Bay Brewing will offer £400 prizes for the top man and woman.

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