New Inov-8 ROCLITE range to feature graphene

The ROCLITE 275s worn by Jasmin Paris during the Montane Spine Race are among three shoes joining the G series in using the supermaterial

Montane Spine Race winner Jasmin Paris wearing the ROCLITE 275s, which now feature graphene (credit: Pete Aylward)

Montane Spine Race winner Jasmin Paris wearing the ROCLITE 275s, which now feature graphene (credit: Pete Aylward)

Inov-8’s ROCLITE range of shows have become the latest to feature the innovative graphene grip.

As well as the ROCLITE 275, which were worn by Jasmin Paris when she smashed the outright record for the Montane Spine Race in January, the new versions of the ROCLITE 290 and ROCLITE 315 GTX have the world’s lightest and strongest material in the outsole.

Last year, Inov-8’s G series became the world’s first sports shoes to incorporate graphene when the TERRAULTRA G 260 and MUDCLAW G 260 for runners and e F-LITE G 290 for crossfitters were launched.

Trail Running magazine were among a select group of journalists at the launch in Manchester and can report that the outsole and grip in both the TERRAULTRA and MUDCLAW are still going strong after hundreds of miles.

Now the new ROCLITE 275, ROCLITE 290 and ROCLITE 315 GTX, which are designed for runners who need to handle all terrains, will also contain the supermaterial, making outsoles scientifically proven to be 50% stronger, 50% more elastic and 50% harder wearing.

Paris used just one pair of 275s during the 268-mile Spine Race, which involved hard trail, rocky slabs, mud and bog, while other competitors switched shoes during the trek.

She said: “A good pair of shoes are an essential piece of kit on the Spine Race and my feet were much better than a lot of other competitors.

“I wore one pair for the full 268 miles and there was no swelling. The ROCLITE 275s worked superbly, giving me excellent grip, including on wet rock, while also providing cushioning underfoot.”

Graphene, which is 200 times stronger than steel, is produced from graphite, which was first mined in the Lake District fells of Northern England more than 450 years ago.

Inov-8 Product & Marketing Director Michael Price said: “Prior to our game-changing graphene innovation, runners had to choose between a sticky rubber outsole that grips in all conditions but wears down quicker and a harder rubber outsole that is more durable but not as sticky.

“Graphene rubber means there is no longer a need to compromise – runners, fast-hikers and adventurers can have insane sticky grip and increased durability, all in one rubber. We call this the ‘world’s toughest grip.’”

The ROCLITE 275 (which weighs 275g), as well as the ROCLITE 290 & 315 GTX shoes, are on sale now, priced £120-£145.

The new Inov-8 ROCLITE 275. (Credit: James Carnegie/

The new Inov-8 ROCLITE 275. (Credit: James Carnegie/