Motivation to run in the dark

Win prizes with the Petzl Night Running Strava Challenge


With Daylight Saving Time ending in late October, runners will once more be plunged into the gloom for their evening training sessions. Motivation is needed. So Petzl is working with Strava to launch the Petzl Strava Challenge - to run 42km (26 miles) between November 6-26.

Petzl is putting up more than 1000 prizes for those that complete the challenge, including BINDI head torches and T-shirts. To enter, all you need to do is:

• Sign up for the Petzl Night Running Challenge on Strava

• Run 42km between November 6-26 before dawn or after dark, and record it in the Strava challenge

• Tag #PetzlNightRunning on Instagram for additional chances to win prizes

For Instagram, you just need to post a picture from your run with the caption “Welcome to (place name) #PetzlNightRunning”.

Full contest and participation rules will be posted on at the end of October.

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