Montane launches new "Trailblazer" pack range

New gear should appeal to those wanting minimalist convenience at speed

montane trailblazer pack.jpg

Montane has introduced its new “Trailblazer” pack range for fastpacking adventures.

The new craze for fastpacking or “run camping” has led to a need for sleeker forms of carrying equipment, so Montane has focused on “lightweight performance for self-sustained, fast-paced trails in the mountains” for these newer products.

Available in 18, 30 or 44-litre capacities, the durable yet light backpacks are aimed at offering minimalism without compromise on features.

Manufacturers say the gear is bodyhugging but not restrictive. They come with a chest click-and-go strap, and high mounted harness and allow easy access to nutrition, hydration and vital kit on the move.

Matt Kemp, Montane product manager for equipment, said: “The Trailblazer packs were born out of a recognition that there is a change in how people are approaching outdoor activities. There is a rapidly growing movement that is goal-orientated, time focused and hard hitting.We are not necessarily talking running, just moving fast paced in the mountains, achieving your goal within a shortened timeframe.

“Recognising this change, we have designed the Trailblazer pack range, with nothing else like it on the market. They have a customisable body-hugging harness for a close, secure fit, a mass of storage options, all accessible on the move allowing you to push hard, non-stop in the mountains to achieve your goals.”