Lighten up your summer of running

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Summer's here - time to embrace all that it offers for we runners. Editor Paul Larkins introduces our June-July issue

Finally after months of seemingly endless miles in the dark, the long, bright days are upon us. Thermals have been replaced with lightweight T-shirts and all-singing, all-dancing heavyweight rain jackets have been washed, waterproofed and put away for a few months. And better still, you can finally see where you’re going.

Fellow trail runners, this is what enduring the winter was all about – it’s time to make the most of those fantastic sunlit evenings. And as it turns out, light  – in all its guises, be that the sun or the weight of your shoes – has a huge impact on the way we run, as explains Professor John Brewer in his feature on page 32.  

In fact, John’s take on the whole subject was so enlightening (ahem!) we decided to go with that theme for much of the magazine, hence the light training feature, the super-light running shoes and, obviously, the sunglasses test.

On a different note, our #Run1000Milers enjoyed an informal get-together in the
Lake District in mid-April, and it was fabulous to discover how well it’s all going. It’s been a hugely successful year so far and it looks like we’ll definitely have thousands achieve that amazing goal of running 1000 miles in 2018. If you haven’t started, it’s not too late, so make sure you sign up ASAP and enjoy what the summer is about to deliver: sunlight in all its glory!